Thursday, October 13, 2011

So sorry I've been neglecting my blog!

     I hope you have been well, and enjoying this lovely fall weather! Its been busy here, in the Evans castle, with the start of my new bread baking business. It's taking off, and more orders and customers are coming in every week, I am quite surprised! My wonderful friends and family have been sharing with thier friends and family, so the word is spreading. Its all super exciting, I have never been an ambitious person, but now I am finding myself scheming and dreaming of someday having my own bake shop, and my husband being able to quit his job, so that we can work together,,,,, ahhhh, someday!
     Also, I have been quite busy lately, I seem to have caught a bug,,,,, the baby bug! I have been pursuing adoption websites, and have fallen in love with Reece's Rainbow, and all of the beautiful little ones that can be seen there,,, we dream of someday adopting an orphan (or two) from eastern Europe, children with Downs syndrome who would otherwise be at a risk of ending up spending thier lives in a crib, with little attention and perhaps no love,,,,, it breaks my heart, no baby should have that fate! This plan is in limbo though, until God provides a path, right now there are a few mountains in the way. Luckily, our God is bigger than any mountain:)
     Also, after a two or three year break, Mr Evans and I have decided to start "trying" again. This time we are armed with a fertility monitor (very neat!) and a thermometer, both of which I got to borrow off of my best(est) friend, as she is now expecting her 1st baby! So, be saying prayers for us, we would LOVE more than anything, to become parents. We tried quite hard a few years ago, then gave up, but now, with fresh info on nutrition and God's help, we hope that we will soon have some good news to spread.
     Now I had better be off, time to clean the kitchen up, ready for tomorrows 3am baking! Goodnight!

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that your business is doing so well! Congratulations. :)
    All the best on the baby front as well. I'm sure that either through natural methods or adoption, you and hubby will become parents. :)