Monday, July 25, 2011

Catching up on the housework ~OR~ Going to War with Chaos!

     I have a confession,,,,
     I have let things go,,,
     And now they are LONG gone, well past neat and tidy and on the express to utter Mess-Topia!

     I can make the excuses that I have come up with for the past few days, I was watching the baby, and its SOOO hard to clean AND stop a child from finding a millions ways of hurting herself at the same time! Or,,,, I am running low on iron, and just the act of getting out of bed is exhausting enough to want to tumble mussy haired and rumpled self right back into it. OR,,,, how bout, I can't vacuum, my schizophrenic and extremely bi-polar cat doesn't like it, and when she doesn't like something, she tends to take it out on my much smaller, weaker and STUPID(er) cat, causing the kitty version of the battle of the bulge under my bed!
     But I won't bother you with these symptoms of procrastinitus,,,, its catching you know, and I wouldn't want you to bring it home to your tidy and well kept homes and have it wreak the havoc it has wrought on my once domestic paradise. No, I could not be the one responsible for that,,,
       Instead I am going to tie on my apron, put on my pink rubber gloves, and grab my mess by its dirty cheeks and slap it silly! Mess! Are you listening?!?! You have met your match! And just so you know, I have a black belt in scrubbing and I KNOW HOW TO USE IT!

     Watch me now, my feather duster and mop swing through the air and chase the Mess, with its arms over its head and a whimper for its mummy, from my home! Chuck Norris himself can't do as much damage to dust and fluffy cat hair "dust kittens" that I can! Chuck Norris is a cleaning WIMP compared to me!

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  1. Good job, get er done! I know what its like to get behind, but it always feels SO good to catch up. And an apron always puts me in the mood to get going! Blessings!