Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Light and breezy simple summer shifts, for steamy summer days!

     Good afternoon friends! What a sunny and beautiful day! I am working on getting some routine housework done, and then working on some sewing. Here in New England it has been a HOT and humid summer so far, and being a cold blooded creature, I need to be creative when it comes to not over heating. I like to wear dresses, and in summer its more of a NEED, since even Capri's can feel too hot! The problem is, being a bit of an "armful" (as my lovely grandfather calls me) it is sometimes difficult to find sundresses that fit me the right way. I don't want anything to "hang out", yet I want to get as much air to my skin as possible. Solution? Make it myself!
     I found a plus size jumper pattern a few years ago in a goodwill, and it is perfect for this need. It is easy, quick, and lends itself easily to creativity. I made two of the shorter version in some vintage cotton "sack cloth" two summers ago, and they have been my go-to summer dresses for wearing around the house. I also wear them over my bathing suit when swimming, as like I said, I don't like anything to "hang out", and it is great for this. I decided its time to make up a few more, so that I'll always have one ready to grab on hot mornings. I am making three, and making them all different, taking my own artistic license to the design . I am done two, and working on the last, all done in different materials that were free or very cheep! I'll post a pic of the finished dresses when I have them all done. So ladies, if you, like me, have a hard time finding clothes that are "you" in the stores, don't settle, get a sewin'!

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  1. This looks Great, and I look forward to seeing the finished product. I, too am an "armful" and am short on top of it, so have NO luck finding dresses. i would love to sew but alas, I dont know how. I keep trying to find someone to teach me but there are so few women who know how any more, and even fewer who are at home and dont work and thus have the time to teach anyone, that ive been unsuccessful thus far. Someday though, I hope!