Thursday, July 28, 2011

I have been working up to this for more than a week!

     I have done it! My first ever Irish Rose granny square!!!! I am sooo excited. There were a couple of points in the pattern where I was confused, and momentarily stumped, but in the end I figured it out.
     I am going to make lots of them in different rosy colors, then sew them all together to make a bed sized blanket. I am thrilled to be learning how to do something that both of my Grandmothers could do! I hope to know enough soon to whip up a few snowflakes before Christmas, for gifts. I guess its that time of year, and I should start thinking about what to give and to who. For people who make gifts for people, Christmas starts in July!
     Anyway, I am going to go take a nice bath, I had the Goober bright and early this morning and "eu de similac" just doesnt suit me! Time to go sink into a some rose scented bubbles (oh how I love thee, Crabtree and Evelyn!) and read a good mystery,,,,,

Godnight all!


  1. wonderful job! Gosh those look lovely! I am super jealous.... cant wait to see how your finished blanket turns out.

    Speaking of Christmas in July- IO hope you entered my giveaway! :)

    Bubble bath and mystery sounds divine- hope it was lovely. :)

  2. Thanks! I'll check your giveaway out:)

  3. Do you by chance have the pattern for this. I clicked on the link but I was unable to find it. I used to make these with my grandmother for baby blankets, but she has passed on, and most of her patterns were sadly thrown out when they cleaned her home. Let me know please. my e-mail is: jess_woo83 (at) After you send the pattern can you delete this comment. Thank you so much. -Jessica