Friday, July 15, 2011

Watching Baby

     I have the pleasure of watching little Goober today. She has had a busy morning.
     She is upset when Mommy leaves, but as soon as I bring her to a window, she calms down and starts chatting away. She loves to watch the cars and trucks go by. Her favorite toy is her "baby", she drags it all over with her, and "talks" to it. We spend the morning singing, and dancing, its so cute the way she bounces on her chubby little legs:) Then, by 8am or so, she starts rubbing her eyes and wanting to cuddle, pretty soon she's passed out.

     I just love rocking sleeping babies! Its about as close to heaven as we ever get here on earth, don't you think? After nap we have lunch, which was some "chicken noodle" baby food today. Its hard to get a ten month old to hold still long enough to eat, but I do my best. She plays for a few more hours, "reading" books and practicing taking a few wobbly steps from window to sofa.
     Right now she is taking nap number two, and I am enjoying a brief breather! I hope we one day get blessed with our own baby, though lately I have come to terms with maybe being childless too. At thins point, whatever way the Lord leads us, I will be content. Maybe that's what He has been trying to teach me all along.
     Pretty soon the Goober will be up and about, and I will be changing diapers and wiping baby food off a reluctant victim,,, When Mom comes to pick up her Angel at 3:30 she will be well rested and cheerful. I will then be able to take a bath and maybe pull out the sewing machine to work on the summer dresses I am making. All in all a good ending to a long week. I hope you have a pleasant weekend:)
                                                                     ~ God Bless

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  1. She looks a lot like my granddaughter, but a bit older!

    Thanks for your kind comment on by tea post today. I mostly have tea at home too, though I do enjoy going out for tea!