Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day '11

     We had our most PERFECT Valentines day here in the Evans household last night. I am still smiling about it. I just LOVE Valentines day. To me it means SO MUCH MORE than cards and chocolates. (though those are very nice things) I posted on my facebook what it means to me:
Why I love V-Day,

I love Love,

I Love to Love

I Love To Be Loved

Do I only love, or get loved ONE day a year, absolutely NOT! 365 Days a year I share Love with the best Man, Family, Friends and God there is:) One day, its not too much to ask to focus a little more on LOVE than on laundry, bills, school, or work. I don't see the crime in it.
     Here in our little home, we LOVE to love on each other, and having a special day set aside where we both put special effort into showing our love to each other gets us excited! We stated planning for our special evening a few days ago.  Poot asked me where I would like to go out to eat, I said, HOME! I love eating out, but NOT on V-day, that is akin to going shopping on Christmas eve! Madness! So I created a special dinner menu.
Boneless chicken breast, stuffed with chive and onion cream cheese them wrapped in bacon,
My Yummy parmesan, garlic and herb rice,
With fruit and cream tartlets for desert.
     I spend the day, while my Poot was at work, cleaning and prepping dinner.I tried to choose foods that were elegant, but not too fussy or complicated. The only fiddly item were the tarts, and that was fiddly in a fun kind of way.
   Then Poot came home, and even before he stepped through the threshold, he handed me with a big cheeky grin on his face,,,

     I Loooooove roses, and for some reason I can't quite understand, chocolates always taste better when eaten from a heart shaped box. After hugs and kisses, and his saying how "gorgeous"(his words!) I looked he went off for his shower and I put the chicken in the oven. Then, he did something very special,,,
    He dressed up for me,,
    Usually, in the evening after his shower, he goes straight into Pj's. But, he saw I was making an effort to have a "restaurant" style dinner at home, even jokingly saying we were having dinner at Che' Shannon's Cafe, and he put his fanciest clothes on. Awwww :)
     Then we say down to dinner, (excuse blurry pics, someday soon I WILL be getting a new camera, grrrr


     Dinner came out better than I had hopped, the food looked beautiful and tasted delicious and Poot couldn't stop "MmmMmm"ing the whole time. He praised me highly, which I have to admit, I loved. I wont mention how he almost caught his arm on fire while going for the last bits of chicken on my plate I couldn't finish. Oh my! I happened to have a fork in my hand, and he wondered why I suddenly was trying to stab him!!!  Note to self,,,, get Taller candles, that cannot be easily reached over!
      Anyhow, after nearly killing me with fright he did manage to really surprise me (he's so sneaky)
After some nonsense about wondering who had called earlier he asked me to check the caller ID (located on the desk in the bedroom) There he had put a set of surprise gifts for me,

     In case you can't read what's on the note it says "WHO DO YOU LOVE BABY!"
On the evenings my hubby unwinds by playing PlayStation I usually like to either watch movies on netflix on the computer, or play SIMS, so these are a special treat!

    Oh, we had a lovely day! I hope you all enjoyed your day, and shared it with someone you love! Valentines doesnt have to be about romance, it just has to be about LOVE:)


  1. How wonderful that you had such a precious day indeed!


  2. It sounds like an absoloutely perfect evening. Your food looks so good and I'm hoping you will share the recipe for the Parmesean, Garlic & Herb Rice :) ~Alana~

  3. You have been given a "Stylish Blogger Award". You can check out my blog for the details. Congratulations and enjoy!! ~Alana~

  4. Aw, what a special night you had with your hubby. It sounds like you two make a wonderful couple. God bless you.