Friday, February 4, 2011

A few things about me

    Hello again. I am super excited to see a couple new followers, YAY! Thanks for reading my silly little thoughts and I hope to get to know you well! I haven't done anything terribly crafty today, so I can't write about that, yet I still have the urge to write, so I thought I would tell you a little about myself, hope it isn't too boring:)

     1. I am a girly-girl. My favorite color is pink, I love bubble baths and hats and embroidered hankies. I no longer make apologies for who I am, my likes or dislikes. I spent a great deal of my childhood wanting to change who I was, the way I looked, even my name. Then, without me even noticing, I started to like ME! I am not conceited, I know I am no supermodel, but I am GLAD I am not. I would most likely be vain and proud if I was, and those are not qualities I would not wish for.
     2. I like weird things, and I like that I like weird things. Like anchovies, and sushi, and liver and Palak Paneer. Actually, what IS weird about me is the fact that, food wise, I have very few dislikes. That is how I have maintained this lumpy, soft and womanly figure, lol. I should be on a diet, everyone else is after all, but there seem to be just toooo many good things on the naughty list!
     3. I love all things British. I love their TV shows (at least the classics) and their period dramas. I love their food, their history. I most especially love TEA! I have had this fascination for most of my life. Even went so far as to marry a Scotsman (PS, never, never, NEVER call a Scottish person British, they HATE it!) and lived in Glasgow for a couple of years. (we are long since divorced and while I don't miss him I do miss THERE) One thing we Americans lack, with all our Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts is real, honest, Tea Shops! I miss those A LOT! Sigh,,,
     4. I dress like a girl (I know this comes under #1, but I thought this deserved its own #) I wear frilly frocks, lace, and ruffles. I wear my hair long most of the time, and I like to curl it with good old fashioned curlers. I ardently LONG for the bygone days when girls wore crinoline and petticoats and hats and carried parasols. So, in the summer, I wear hats:) Straw hats mostly. When I see them at flea markets and charity shops I snatch them up. Am I the only one that wears them around here? YUP, Do I care,,, not at all my lovelies:)
     5.   OK,,, I am starting to run out of ideas,,, lets see, what else,
Oh, my hubby and I have a dream of one day homesteading, and maybe even being self sufficient. I want goats,,, really bad! And ducks, and chickens! Not because I like chickens, but because they are tasty! In all seriousness though, the way our food is produced worries me. Not only is it unnatural, but it is unsustainable. Not to mention rampant consumerism. It isn't right, and I am positive it isn't the way God would want us to be living. Besides, wouldn't it be soooo nice if Hubby didn't have to start a snowy day by getting behind the wheel of a car and risking his life to drive 45 min to work, and then spend the rest of the day risking his life driving deliveries all around the state, all to earn somebody ELSE some $??? Oh it would be lovely!
      6. I like adventures. We both do! Every summer we go on "adventures", we drive off and take roads we have never taken before and see if we can get lost. (with a map in the back seat mind you. We are adventurous, not stupid) We are working our way through camping all over the state. We wish we had more time to take LONG road trips, and maybe someday, instead of homesteading, we'll be Gypsies:)
     So, I guess that is enough of my ramblings, hehehe. I am still waiting for the Hubs. When I am bored I tend to ramble. I hope you all have a wonderful evening!
    Nighty Night!   ~Shannon

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  1. Pleased to meet you Shannon...

    I look forward to following your blog.