Thursday, February 24, 2011


     What do you do, when you need comforting? I find, in this troubling world, that I need comfort more and more. Sometimes it seems the world is going insane, doesnt it? Its scary. Everything, and everyone is on shaky ground, its no wonder sometimes I catch myself shivering. I am a worrier, and sometimes have anxiety issues, especially if I get too wound up by stressful news in the world. Over the past few years I have really had to come up with a few ways to find comfort and peace.
     One, I find reading the bible, especially the New Testament and the chapters on Love very comforting. I will read a bit, then pray a bit, then read a bit more. This always helps, especially if I am scared or sad. My favorite comforting scripture, is of course, Psalm 23.
     I also find that "shutting out" the world can help. No, I don't stick my head in the sand, on the contrary, I sometimes spend too much time listening to, watching, and reading about the news. But at the point when I start to get bothered, I have learned, through my wise Husbands counsel, that its best just to "close the door" and leave it all outside. I turn off the computer, and don't watch the TV. After all, though its good to be updated in the goings on of the outside world, its also isn't EVERYTHING. The real world, MY real world, is inside of these walls. And no matter what, THAT is all that really matters. Let the winds blow outside. Inside, we are safe, and warm, and fed. Tomorrow, it will take care of itself, its in Gods hands where it belongs. Worrying over it doesnt change one second of it. But it does make for a miserable today if you let it.
    I also find comfort in books. Climbing into my nice soft bed, or snuggling under my grandma blanket in my cozy living room with some well worn favorite old "friend" is a wonderful way to find comfort. A favorite book of mine is The Pilgrims Inn, by Elizabeth Goudge. It the most wonderful book, written around the end of world war two in England. The people were tired, even the children at that time, the war had left everyone dazed, and broken, and searching. Searching for comfort. The family in this book, find what they seek at a beautiful old riverside inn in the countryside. Elizabeth takes you there, you can almost hear the gulls and smell the rich damp earth of the forest when reading her story. She is up there as one of my favorite authors! I just wish her books weren't so hard to come by, since a few of them are now out of print.
     I also like the Chronicles of Narnia. Those are very comforting. I find the allegory story so sweet, and simple. Finding the underlying story line of good conquering evil so very reassuring. C.S. Lewis, if you don't know, is a bit of a favorite of mine. I can't wait to get to heaven and throw an arm over his shoulder (most likely embarrassing is brittish sense of propriety) and tell him, "Thank you old man, your books have been my dearest friends and companions through otherwise dark and lonely times, you did a fine job!" It will be a great day!
     And before you settle in with your favorite book, don't forget a cup of tea! Any tea will do, I prefer your regular old black tea with a drop of milk and a dash of sugar. Peppermint and chamomile can do wonders for your nerves! And, if your not a tea drinker (sigh) have yourself some cocoa. Any warm drink can take a chill off your nerves, be it a physical or an emotional one. Our ancestors knew what they were doing when they put the kettle on at the first sight of a tear of upset.
     And what sort of comfort list would this be if I didnt mention bubble baths? Especially in the winter, when a chill can make anyone feel not so comfortable. Take your favorite book, maybe a glass of wine or a nice glass of water with lemon, and climb into a foamy rose scented tub, and if you're like me, the hotter the water is the better! I don't care how achy or crampy I feel going into the tub, I ALWAYS feel better on the way out. Baths even help my headaches! So go ahead and indulge. Simple pleasures are often the most pleasant of all.
     And last, but certainly not the least, the best comfort, is of course a HUG:) Find your Love, be they a spouse or a child or a parent, and ask for a hug. Not a quick one arm "cheep" affair, no, a long, tight, lingering , neck snoozling hug. And if you really need to, have a little cry. Go on, it feels so good to let go of the worries and fears. The person your hugging won't think any less of you, I promise! I bet they probably need a hug just as much as you!
      Now don't you feel better?
                                 God Bless:)

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