Sunday, August 22, 2010

Drizzly Sunday

     It's been dripping rain on and off all day today. I had a late night last night, we went to some friends' birthday party, funfunfun! Unfortunately/fortunately I was not permitted to make as early an exit as Mr Evans, peer pressure, grrrrrrr. So, while I did have a thoroughly enjoyable time singing with friends and chatting, I did not get nearly enough sleep last night. I do so LOOOOOOVE sleep!
      Oh well. It was lucky I guess that we had the duty of Sunday school this morning to force me out of bed or I may have had the temptation to just sleep through church. With the help of some munchkins for the munchkins (I never said I was above bribing children,,,) we got through reasonably well. The children learned some more about Joseph, and then got to draw some of the good and bad things that have happened in their lives. (we had the pre-school children this week, and they are too young to write)  I do adore little children though. Yes, being out numbered can be a bit overwhelming, but nothing can take away some of the dirtiness of the world like the fresh young face of a smiling child!
       We (OK,,,,really it's "I") have decided that we are to start up again with the healthy eating this week. As a farewell to tasty greasiness we had McDonald's for lunch, good bye grease! It's really not that sad though. I have the worlds testiest tummy and it will not miss cheese burgers in any way! So dinner tonight was a lovely spinach salad with grilled chicken, oranges and very thinly sliced onion.

     To dress it I made (my first ever!!!) homemade salad dressing, orange vinaigrette. It turned out quite tasty! A very fresh, gentle flavor, will definitely whip it up again. I based my vinaigrette on a fat free orange vinaigrette recipe from all recipes, my favorite recipe site by the way!
         So our diet will mostly consist of fruits, vegetables, beans and other bean type things, whole grains, fish and chicken. There will be very little or no red meat, sugar (except some occasional honey) refined grains, and refined fat. We dont eat a lot of meat anyway, so that wont be too much trouble to give up. But oh dear oh dear, am I going to miss sugar!!!! I HAVE to give it up though. My Dad, who is only in his 50's, was diagnosed this year with diabetes, also my maternal grandmother has it. So with both teams in the running I don't like my odds, and after all, an ounce of prevention!
         So, as its getting late, I guess I had better get back to mending our neighbors work overalls that he needs for tomorrow morning. A woman's work is TRULY never done! Especially if that woman knows how to sew, and iron, and you neighbor is a bachelor who doesn't! Well, at least he says he doesnt,,,

Friday, August 20, 2010

Grandma Blanket

   Mr Evans' mother has been our house guest this past week, she has had surgery on her foot and must keep off it for at least a week, so she is staying with us so we can look after her. Her mother (Mr Evans' Grand Mother) took her into the VA for her operation, and when she brought her back to our place she brought with her an afghan that her mother had made. Oh the loveliness! She said she was thinning out clutter, and thought that he might like one, I told her I can't speak for him, but I personally was thrilled!!! I think people who make things with their hands truly appreciate things hand crafted by others, probably because they know for about the hours and weeks that went into them. In thrift stores I find it sad to see handmade blankets and afghans without a home, and am often tempted to take them to MY home. (I usually dont though, as there are only so many blankets two people need)
   Here is the lovely new addition to our decor, aren't all the colors fantastic!?! I want to learn granny square crochet myself, especially the Irish rose granny square! Now if only I can find someone I can bribe into teaching me,,,

   The antiquity of this blanket alone makes it a treasure, its just an added bonus that it is pretty and snugly as well:)  I never had the pleasure of meeting my husbands' great grandmother, but I do feel a kinship with her. We are/were, after all, sisters in yarn craft if nothing else! I just hope that someday, the Good Lord willing, that we will have children and grand children to pass these types of treasures on to.
    Oh, and another surprise today,,, look what the ever lovable Mr Evans brought home for me,

just because he loves me,,,,
I don't know what I ever did to deserve the best man in the world,
(but I am sure glad I did it:)

Monday, August 16, 2010

What I have been doing for the past week and a half,,,

    I have decided. Yup, I have! I made up my mind that I am FINALLY going to try and earn some money with my crafting abilities! I mean, I already spend a good deal of time knitting, and sewing, and making all manner of nifty little things, why not see if I can sell them, and make a little money for our family? Mr Evans approves, so there is nothing to hold me back,,, well, except maybe for my own tendency towards laziness and procrastination. Oh, and I have an annoying habit of starting projects, getting bored, and then starting something else, then something else, till finally I have six things going and I am wondering if it would just be easier to take them all apart and forget I ever mentioned them. (or what usually happens, stuff them into the back of the spare bedrooms closet and bury them under my yarn and cloth stashes)
    Please dont hold any of this against me! I made a point of finishing all my half finished projects before starting  to and build a stock of  things to sell. Well, all except one, a large quilt, that I am hand quilting, and its probably going to take months to finish. So you see, I do eventually get things done, it just happens to take me a tad bit longer than the average person. (insert sheepish smile here)
    So,,, back to my plan, so far I have three aprons, one teddy bear and 2 and a half knit dishcloths made. Here are what they look like,
Two half aprons, front and back view, made with vintage fabric, excuse the pinkish reflection, my camera has special needs, and I am unable to fulfill them. Oh, and the sideways picture, a recent thrift shop find that Mr Evans needs to repair before hanging.

Cute teddy, I am still deciding on whether to add an embroidered nose or not,,,
A full apron, made again with vintage fabric I'll take this moment to admit something to you. I love aprons, all aprons, the girlier, and rufflier the better!!!!

   I'll post more pictures as I make more things. I plan on making tea cozies, pot holders, oven mitts, place mats, and pincushions in the shape of assorted sweets. My creative bones are humming with all this crafty yuminess!
    I had better get back to work now. I have been feeling slow and sleepy today, the sky is grey with very much needed rain. I had better go put the kettle on and get stuck into knitting that dishcloth. After all, they are not known for knitting themselves!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In introduction

   Hello, I guess I have to take the plunge and actually write something, now that I have begun setting up this blog. Please have patience with me , I am still learning the ins and outs of Blogger, and I am a SLOW learner when I have to teach myself.
    My name is Shannon, I live in Maine.

I was born here, and in all likelihood will probably die here, though that would be fine with me as I think I live in the prettiest state in the country! I am 30 years old, (I will only say that once, as I am 29 and holding for the next 10 years!) I have I have two sisters, an older and a younger, and between my two parents have a VERY large extended family. I come from country bumpkin stock, and I am proud of that. We can manage, with or without "things" and we know how to make stuff work, improvise, and can find creative solutions to problems other people wouldn't have the faintest idea how to handle.

   I will be married for four years this October to the best man in the world, Kerry Wayne Evans. I mean it, he really is! He is the kindest, sweetest, gentlest, strongest, most honorable man alive! I am fiery, as half the blood running through my veins belongs to red-headed French ancestors. I have a temper, and can easily get irritated, I am working on controlling it, but as anyone who has the same problem will tell you, its not easy! He,,,he knows how to handle me. He never loses patience with me, he always knows hows to ground me.

 He truly loves God, and I am so glad the Lord reached us both at the same time! (about 2 years ago)
     We are a single income family. A very small income too, especially in the winter, but we manage very well. We have two kitties, who are fat and spoiled.

Punpkin (aka punkinpie)

Battie Mattie (aka bratcat)

They fill a void in our lives, as we have yet to be blessed with children. I am happy to be a housewife, my only wish is that I could have been born in the 40's or 50's! I enjoy cooking, and baking, and eagerly look forward to fall when it will be once again cool enough to really get in the kitchen. I love to sew, ever since my Mom first handed me a scrap of old cloth and a needle and I promptly sewed it to the knee of my corduroys! I make quilts, and clothes, and oohh, lots of things! I am working on building up an inventory so that my Mother and I can hit the craft fair scene this Christmas. I also knit, and crochet, though I am better at knitting.
    So that's a little about me, and my life. I plan on using this blog as part journal, to contain any thoughts or ideas I have, the ones worth remembering anyway, and part documentation of my daily activities as a housewife. I am excited, though I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to navigating this site. Once again, please have patience, I usually get where I am going in the end:)
    I am looking forward to making new friends with similar hobbies and pastimes, Thanks for stopping by!