Sunday, August 22, 2010

Drizzly Sunday

     It's been dripping rain on and off all day today. I had a late night last night, we went to some friends' birthday party, funfunfun! Unfortunately/fortunately I was not permitted to make as early an exit as Mr Evans, peer pressure, grrrrrrr. So, while I did have a thoroughly enjoyable time singing with friends and chatting, I did not get nearly enough sleep last night. I do so LOOOOOOVE sleep!
      Oh well. It was lucky I guess that we had the duty of Sunday school this morning to force me out of bed or I may have had the temptation to just sleep through church. With the help of some munchkins for the munchkins (I never said I was above bribing children,,,) we got through reasonably well. The children learned some more about Joseph, and then got to draw some of the good and bad things that have happened in their lives. (we had the pre-school children this week, and they are too young to write)  I do adore little children though. Yes, being out numbered can be a bit overwhelming, but nothing can take away some of the dirtiness of the world like the fresh young face of a smiling child!
       We (OK,,,,really it's "I") have decided that we are to start up again with the healthy eating this week. As a farewell to tasty greasiness we had McDonald's for lunch, good bye grease! It's really not that sad though. I have the worlds testiest tummy and it will not miss cheese burgers in any way! So dinner tonight was a lovely spinach salad with grilled chicken, oranges and very thinly sliced onion.

     To dress it I made (my first ever!!!) homemade salad dressing, orange vinaigrette. It turned out quite tasty! A very fresh, gentle flavor, will definitely whip it up again. I based my vinaigrette on a fat free orange vinaigrette recipe from all recipes, my favorite recipe site by the way!
         So our diet will mostly consist of fruits, vegetables, beans and other bean type things, whole grains, fish and chicken. There will be very little or no red meat, sugar (except some occasional honey) refined grains, and refined fat. We dont eat a lot of meat anyway, so that wont be too much trouble to give up. But oh dear oh dear, am I going to miss sugar!!!! I HAVE to give it up though. My Dad, who is only in his 50's, was diagnosed this year with diabetes, also my maternal grandmother has it. So with both teams in the running I don't like my odds, and after all, an ounce of prevention!
         So, as its getting late, I guess I had better get back to mending our neighbors work overalls that he needs for tomorrow morning. A woman's work is TRULY never done! Especially if that woman knows how to sew, and iron, and you neighbor is a bachelor who doesn't! Well, at least he says he doesnt,,,


  1. Your salad & dressing sound yummy!

    I gave up sugar in that I don't bake with it too often. I use honey or agave now. I guess it's still sugar but it's not white sugar.

    I love Rosemary & Thyme btw and British TV shows. I'm watching Survivors (end of the world type story) now from Netflix.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Sounds wonderful, great pic too :)