Friday, August 20, 2010

Grandma Blanket

   Mr Evans' mother has been our house guest this past week, she has had surgery on her foot and must keep off it for at least a week, so she is staying with us so we can look after her. Her mother (Mr Evans' Grand Mother) took her into the VA for her operation, and when she brought her back to our place she brought with her an afghan that her mother had made. Oh the loveliness! She said she was thinning out clutter, and thought that he might like one, I told her I can't speak for him, but I personally was thrilled!!! I think people who make things with their hands truly appreciate things hand crafted by others, probably because they know for about the hours and weeks that went into them. In thrift stores I find it sad to see handmade blankets and afghans without a home, and am often tempted to take them to MY home. (I usually dont though, as there are only so many blankets two people need)
   Here is the lovely new addition to our decor, aren't all the colors fantastic!?! I want to learn granny square crochet myself, especially the Irish rose granny square! Now if only I can find someone I can bribe into teaching me,,,

   The antiquity of this blanket alone makes it a treasure, its just an added bonus that it is pretty and snugly as well:)  I never had the pleasure of meeting my husbands' great grandmother, but I do feel a kinship with her. We are/were, after all, sisters in yarn craft if nothing else! I just hope that someday, the Good Lord willing, that we will have children and grand children to pass these types of treasures on to.
    Oh, and another surprise today,,, look what the ever lovable Mr Evans brought home for me,

just because he loves me,,,,
I don't know what I ever did to deserve the best man in the world,
(but I am sure glad I did it:)

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