Friday, July 29, 2011

I think its time to get away!

     This summer has been pretty hectic for us, with my husband working up to 60+ hours, and then the usual busy summer social schedule, we are pretty worn out, and its only half over! So, we decided its time for an adventure! We're not 100% sure where we are going yet, maybe someplace in the white mountains, maybe someplace on the coast. A nice little B&B somewhere or a hotel. That's part of the fun, not knowing!
     Any where we go though, we always make memories! I'll be bringing my camera, so I hope to capture the fun!      Better get back to packing, and getting everything in order here at home so we'll be ready to leave first thing in the morning. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I have been working up to this for more than a week!

     I have done it! My first ever Irish Rose granny square!!!! I am sooo excited. There were a couple of points in the pattern where I was confused, and momentarily stumped, but in the end I figured it out.
     I am going to make lots of them in different rosy colors, then sew them all together to make a bed sized blanket. I am thrilled to be learning how to do something that both of my Grandmothers could do! I hope to know enough soon to whip up a few snowflakes before Christmas, for gifts. I guess its that time of year, and I should start thinking about what to give and to who. For people who make gifts for people, Christmas starts in July!
     Anyway, I am going to go take a nice bath, I had the Goober bright and early this morning and "eu de similac" just doesnt suit me! Time to go sink into a some rose scented bubbles (oh how I love thee, Crabtree and Evelyn!) and read a good mystery,,,,,

Godnight all!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yay for Irish crochet!

     I have been working all day (in between loads of laundry) to learn how to make Irish roses. I have found several versions, with how-too videos on YouTube. I am super excited though because this version I am holding I actually made by reading the pattern!!! No, you really have no idea if you don't crochet or knit, but that first time you are able to read AND understand AND do what a pattern says, its an extremely thrilling feeling!
     So tomorrow, I am going to work on making an Irish rose granny square, that I can then duplicate and proceed too make a big afghan for my rose themed bedroom, YAY! You really just don't know, I have been wanting to learn to make these for ages and have just had no one to teach me,,,, thank you Interwebs for the creation of YouTube!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Catching up on the housework ~OR~ Going to War with Chaos!

     I have a confession,,,,
     I have let things go,,,
     And now they are LONG gone, well past neat and tidy and on the express to utter Mess-Topia!

     I can make the excuses that I have come up with for the past few days, I was watching the baby, and its SOOO hard to clean AND stop a child from finding a millions ways of hurting herself at the same time! Or,,,, I am running low on iron, and just the act of getting out of bed is exhausting enough to want to tumble mussy haired and rumpled self right back into it. OR,,,, how bout, I can't vacuum, my schizophrenic and extremely bi-polar cat doesn't like it, and when she doesn't like something, she tends to take it out on my much smaller, weaker and STUPID(er) cat, causing the kitty version of the battle of the bulge under my bed!
     But I won't bother you with these symptoms of procrastinitus,,,, its catching you know, and I wouldn't want you to bring it home to your tidy and well kept homes and have it wreak the havoc it has wrought on my once domestic paradise. No, I could not be the one responsible for that,,,
       Instead I am going to tie on my apron, put on my pink rubber gloves, and grab my mess by its dirty cheeks and slap it silly! Mess! Are you listening?!?! You have met your match! And just so you know, I have a black belt in scrubbing and I KNOW HOW TO USE IT!

     Watch me now, my feather duster and mop swing through the air and chase the Mess, with its arms over its head and a whimper for its mummy, from my home! Chuck Norris himself can't do as much damage to dust and fluffy cat hair "dust kittens" that I can! Chuck Norris is a cleaning WIMP compared to me!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I love fresh and FREE food!

     My husband came home last night with a big bag of garden fresh English peas.
A friends of his at work grew a bunch this year, and was kind enough to share with us. What a treat! Fresh peas are a bit expensive to buy, as you end up throwing away half of your money, but they are REALLY yummy.
     I ended up making a chilled pea soup out of them. It was soooo easy. Just a minced onion or a shallot if you have it, sauteed with a little EVOO or butter and a clove or two of minced garlic. Toss in a couple of cups of fresh peas (or frozen) and cover with chicken broth, stock, or even water. Simmer until the peas are nice and tender then let cool. Zip through a blender or processor for at least a minute until creamy and smooth, chill and serve with a dollop of sour cream, YUMMO
     Ps,,, you would have snickered if you could have seen how I took that picture,,,, with NO HANDS, lol,,,,, I'm not telling!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spaghetti (squash) and veggie sauce for dinner!

Photo: © Ann Stratton
Woman's Day. com

      After watching Food Matters, a documentary about how vitamin deficiency might be the cause of all sorts diseases and sicknesses, we have decided to up our veggie intake, especially raw fruit and veg. I believe that the lackluster American diet that is so filled with refined carbs, corn syrup, battery raised meats and cheeses and oh so few fresh fruit and veg is very much responsible for a whole host of ailments that plague this world. I mean, honestly, how many people these days eat plant based diets?. I can't tell you how many of my friends and family eat less than 2 servings of fruit or veg a day, and THOSE are canned, or processed. Even if people try and make the right choices and buy fresh fruit and veg from the produce section, these items are probably weeks old, very low in flavor and much lower in vitamins than they should/could be. It is a HIGHLY interesting documentary, and has inspired my husband and I into really putting more effort into our health.
     So this week we have been consuming vast amounts of fruit and veg from a farm stand and local grocery. Mmmm, sweet corn, fresh green beans, big bowls of cantaloupe and watermelon for breakfast, lovely! I also picked up a spaghetti squash, which I haven't had since I was a child. I steamed it in a little simmering water for about 30 min and had it with some simple Hunts (its too hot for complicated cooking this month) sauce and lots of parmesan! Oh so good!
     So, NOW is the time, if you don't have a garden like me then get out and find a local farm stand or market and get your five a day! Or better yet, get TEN a day! Here's to health!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Long summer days without my Poot.

     Ahhhhh, the irony! Long beautiful, hot days made for swimming and camping, and picnics, yet with these wonderful activities my husbands work load almost doubles. Its good for the wallet yet not good for much else. Some days he has barely 8 hours between coming home and leaving for work again. This is one of those days.
     I made dinner, and have eaten mine, his is plated and waiting for his homecoming. I made baked sweet potatoes and BBQ'ed chicken, two of his favorite foods. Don't get me wrong, I am EXTREMELY thankful that he has a job, and that he works for good people. I'm just sad we don't get that much time together during the week. One of the reasons I watch the little Goober, she keeps me company, and is a receiver of my "mothering" that I usually bestow on my Poot, lol.
     So while I enjoy the weekend swims at the lake, and going to church, and squeezing in visits with friends when we can, I am mostly looking forward to Fall. The work load will go back down, and so will the money, but I think its worth a little less cash for a little more weeknight cuddles while watching movies. We are a family who keeps money in its place. It is a means to an end, not the end itself. We could care less about "extra" money, and the "stuff" it provides. We are content with a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and food in our bellies. A safe, soft place to lay our heads down at night and our love beside us. We are simple people, and thank God every day for our simple lives.
     So, I guess I'm going to watch more 17 Kids and Counting, and wait for Poot to come smiling through the door. I am so lucky to be married to man who works 12+ hours a day and STILL has a smile on his face when he walks through the door! Ah, he is defiantly the "better half" of this relationship!
     Have a good night:)

Light and breezy simple summer shifts, for steamy summer days!

     Good afternoon friends! What a sunny and beautiful day! I am working on getting some routine housework done, and then working on some sewing. Here in New England it has been a HOT and humid summer so far, and being a cold blooded creature, I need to be creative when it comes to not over heating. I like to wear dresses, and in summer its more of a NEED, since even Capri's can feel too hot! The problem is, being a bit of an "armful" (as my lovely grandfather calls me) it is sometimes difficult to find sundresses that fit me the right way. I don't want anything to "hang out", yet I want to get as much air to my skin as possible. Solution? Make it myself!
     I found a plus size jumper pattern a few years ago in a goodwill, and it is perfect for this need. It is easy, quick, and lends itself easily to creativity. I made two of the shorter version in some vintage cotton "sack cloth" two summers ago, and they have been my go-to summer dresses for wearing around the house. I also wear them over my bathing suit when swimming, as like I said, I don't like anything to "hang out", and it is great for this. I decided its time to make up a few more, so that I'll always have one ready to grab on hot mornings. I am making three, and making them all different, taking my own artistic license to the design . I am done two, and working on the last, all done in different materials that were free or very cheep! I'll post a pic of the finished dresses when I have them all done. So ladies, if you, like me, have a hard time finding clothes that are "you" in the stores, don't settle, get a sewin'!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ahhh, relaxing after a busy day,,,

     I had the goober over again this morning. She keeps me busy, and I think I am finally getting used to taking care of another person, and NOT losing my patience! I love that little squirt, and I feel privileged that she is now wanting to cuddle when she's sleepy, and that she gets clingy and needs to be hanging on me:)
     I will now be getting ready for bed, since my day started very early, but I just HAD to comemorate today,,,,,
Today is the day I FINALLY learned how to make granny squares!!!! I have been wanting to learn for YEARS, but couldnt find anyone who could teach me, and thanks to Vee, and the wonderful video tutorial she shared on her blog, I now am hip to be square!!! Ok, forgive me, I am just plum tuckered,,,,
     So as I head off to bed I wish you a good night:)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ratatouille, a summer favorite!

     In the summer, when fresh veg are in abundance, and EVERYONE is trying to get rid of their extra zucchini and tomato's, one of our very favorite dinners to make of this bounty if Ratatouille. A simple, one pot, vegetable stew that can be made entirely from stuff that is probably growing in your garden, if you are lucky enough to have one that is:)
     Made with summer squash, zucchini, tomato, eggplant and onion, it is colourful and relatively low calorie, depending on how much extra virgin olive oil you want to use. I seem to have a different recipe than most found on the web, mine uses oregano, while most other use basil or thyme. I think you can use any or all of the Herbs du Province, and end up with fantastic results. I add a half pound of sweet Italian sausage to the onions to brown up, that way we stay full longer, but this is traditionally a vegetarian meal.
     1 Small eggplant, cubed or sliced thick,
     1 med onion, diced
     2 small zucchini sliced thick
     2 small summer squash, sliced thick
     3 Roma tomato's, cut in half then quartered
     2 cloves garlic, minced
     1 teaspoons dried oregano
     1 teaspoon dried thyme
     2 teaspoons salt (or more or less to taste)
     1/2 c water
     2 or 3 Tablespoons of EVOO
     3 or 4 sweet Italian sausages cut up to make "meatballs"

    In a large saucepan heat oil over medium heat, saute onions, sausage and garlic, cook until sausage is browned and onions are translucent. Add eggplant, cook a few min, stirring occasionally while chopping the squashes,  add squashes and stir, cut up tomato's, toss in the pot and stir, add water, herbs and salt, bring to boil, reduce heat and cover, simmer about 20 min, just until eggplant is done and veggies are tender. Can you find me a simpler dinner anywhere? I bet not! This can be served hot, room temp, or cold. In the summer, its nice to have something that's easy, doesn't require a lot of washing up, or cooking over a sweltering hot stove. Yum! Enjoy:)

Watching Baby

     I have the pleasure of watching little Goober today. She has had a busy morning.
     She is upset when Mommy leaves, but as soon as I bring her to a window, she calms down and starts chatting away. She loves to watch the cars and trucks go by. Her favorite toy is her "baby", she drags it all over with her, and "talks" to it. We spend the morning singing, and dancing, its so cute the way she bounces on her chubby little legs:) Then, by 8am or so, she starts rubbing her eyes and wanting to cuddle, pretty soon she's passed out.

     I just love rocking sleeping babies! Its about as close to heaven as we ever get here on earth, don't you think? After nap we have lunch, which was some "chicken noodle" baby food today. Its hard to get a ten month old to hold still long enough to eat, but I do my best. She plays for a few more hours, "reading" books and practicing taking a few wobbly steps from window to sofa.
     Right now she is taking nap number two, and I am enjoying a brief breather! I hope we one day get blessed with our own baby, though lately I have come to terms with maybe being childless too. At thins point, whatever way the Lord leads us, I will be content. Maybe that's what He has been trying to teach me all along.
     Pretty soon the Goober will be up and about, and I will be changing diapers and wiping baby food off a reluctant victim,,, When Mom comes to pick up her Angel at 3:30 she will be well rested and cheerful. I will then be able to take a bath and maybe pull out the sewing machine to work on the summer dresses I am making. All in all a good ending to a long week. I hope you have a pleasant weekend:)
                                                                     ~ God Bless

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Busy early summer around here!

     I have greatly neglected my blog for the past couple of months. Its been a little hectic around here. My husband has been working a LOT of overtime. Also our old computer died, and we had to get a new one, this time its a laptop, which I am LOVING! Its so nice to be able to write in any room!
     I have also been babysitting my cousins' little nine month old daughter, that has been an adventure! I have never had to take care of a little one all by myself for hours on end before. I now appreciate how much hard work it is to care for a child, especially one on the cusp between babyhood and toddler! Its been a good experience for me, and made me realize that while children are a blessing, being a childless couple is a blessing too! *wink, wink* She is a doll though, and lots of giggles. She is just learning to talk and says about half a dozen words. She loves dolls and says the word "Babee" a lot now:)
     So, I hope to start back up on the writing again, now that I have got back in a rhythm, thanks for reading!