Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wonderful Sunday

     I am having a wonderful day:)
     Its Superbowl Sunday! I don't watch football, but the Hubby does, we have another couple coming over, Jen and Harry. Harry is going to watch the game and Jen and I are going to work on knitting/crocheting. I have a frozen lasagna in the oven, baking up for an early dinner to be had with salad and garlic bread, MmmMmm! I also just made up a quick batch of chocolate chip cookies, for something sweet later:)
    We started the day out by going to church. We were really hoping that one of Poot's (that is what I call my Hubby) co-workers and his wife would be joining us today. I even rearranged Sunday School duty so that we would be able to sit with them, but they had to stay home and take care of the granbaby, poor little mite had a cold. We are really hoping that they will be able to make it next Sunday though. I think they will really enjoy it, and it would be WONDERFUL to have some friends get to know Christ, as of yet we have not been able to convince anyone else to come and see what our Church is like. I am hoping God will work on their hearts though, as I know that some of them would REALLY enjoy going.
    The sermon was great too, our pastor has been doing a series on character, and it is really speaking too my heart. I have also been reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and I have been making progress on my own path with God. It is such a GREAT feeling! Our Pastor, bless him and his family, are going through a trying time. But because of this, I think he is closer to the Lord than ever, and that encourages and inspires me.
    Well, that about it, got to go entertain now!
    I hope you have had a wonderful Sunday yourself, God Bless!

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  1. All your food sounds so ytummy. I haven't read Mere Christianity but have heard it is quite good. Have a blessed day. ~Alaan~