Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No Knead Bread

     After reading a post on one of my favorite sites, Chickens in the Road, I decided to try making "no knead bread". I have no problem kneading bread, in fact I enjoy it. I have wanted to find a good recipe for the no knead kind though, for my Mom, who has achy joints and also a tetchy tummy. Homemade bread is SO much more agreeable on the tummy than store bought. I am pretty sure its because there is no "junk" in it.
     So this is my first attempt at it, I was a little skeptical, and it didn't work the way I thought it would, so I am going to tweak the recipe a bit. It did LOOK delicious, and it was crusty, and chewy, and very good. But it was a bit denser than I would like, so I will try again and add a little more yeast and either more water or less flour, as the dough was just way to dry. I will probably add a couple teaspoons of sugar too, as that will help the yeast to spread through the dough better.
     I have been having a busy week, especially intellectually, and its only Tuesday night! I think I may take a day off from using the computer tomorrow, to give my brain a little rest. I have been striving very hard, to dig through the truth of the Word, and to share those thoughts with a couple of loved ones. One, I have some very high hopes of winning with the Lord's help. The other, I don't think it looks good, but I don't have the Lords eyes. Hopefully, some seeds I plant (with the help of the Spirit) will take route in their heart. That's my prayer anyway.
     I did get to have a wonderful conversation with Poot yesterday, about the Divinity of Christ. I am SOOOOO thankful that we were both won to the Lord at the same time! I just can't imagine being alone in my faith, and not being able to talk about God with my spouse. So many blessings to be thankful for!
     He came home just after I had put the kettle on, so we were able to have tea while we talked. That was so nice, and impromptu "tea" with my Love:) I even convinced him to use a "pretty" cup. He doesn't like using them as a general rule, as they only hold about 6oz, but since we were sitting at the table, he could refill his cup as many times as he wanted, so he agreed. He had the blue, I had the yellow. We also had some Cadbury chocolate digestive biscuits, which are a great treat (and a great find here in the US!) from the Christmas Tree Shop.
     I am looking forward to doing a little shopping this weekend, to pick out a new camera. Just a basic one,  the one I have has something wrong with it. It won't take pictures if the light is too bright, and it definitely won't sake pictures outside in the sunshine. I want to be able to have picture memories from our camping trips and adventures, so I am very excited:)
     Speaking of adventures, we are very excited, in a couple of weeks we will be going on our yearly weekend "stay-cation" with my older sister and her family. We are hoping that this year my Little sis and her new hubby will be able to go too. Every year (or at least the past two) in February we go down to Freeport, and stay in a hotel for a couple of nights. This years trip was a little delayed, due to my big Sis, in her capacity as a professional photographer, having to wait for this new little arrival,

     Baby B, at a whopping 9.9, born today to our cousin and his girlfriend. Such a beautiful baby! Who I can't wait to snooogle, by the way:)
     (ah hem, back to vacation talk,,,) We get to use the indoor pool and hot tub, eat the complimentary all you can eat breakfast, and troup around the downtown shops and the Maine Mall without having to fight through tourists. Its a nice (affordable) midwinter break, and during a Maine winter, you NEED a break!
     So, I should really sign off for the night. I hope you are having a pleasant night, cozy and comfortable with someone you love! God Bless:)

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