Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Changes on the Horizon

     Well, a lot of things have been happening lately, and I have just not had the motivation of energy to blog about them. The bread business, while still small, has been enough to keep me busy two or three weeks. The holidays season is upon us, and with it the "famine" season of our finances. We are used to less money in the winter months though, so this isn't so bad. It doesn't help that virtually EVERYTHING from toilet paper to eggs is more expensive than last year, but hey, we are all getting used to that too, aren't we?
     A big change that may ore may not be around the corner in the coming months is a move,,,, cross country,,,, to a FREE home. There are a few catches. One of which is I don't want to move cross country!!! *insert whining and foot stamping here!* That's a con, a PRO is,,, did I mention the house is FREE? It was my husbands grandmothers house (or big mommas house, if you come from down there) and is in a tiny town in the big state of Texas. A con is, it is just about 2,000 miles from everyone and everything I know. *sniffle* A pro is, in that home we can FINALLY start our dream of self sufficiency. A con is,,,,, I am a pine tree,,,, we northerners don't so so well in 100+ heat, even with air conditioning! A pro would be that My husband would get to live very close to his father, and see him anytime he wants. A con would be,,,, MY WHOLE family would be 2,000 miles away!!!
     So, as you can see, up to my usual standard, I am having a hard time making up my mind! I am trying to leave the decision to my husband, but I'm not doing so well with that. I just don't know. Its just so intimidating! In the next few months we will be seriously talking this thing trough, beating it down with a stick until we make a final decision. If the move does happen, I will be blogging a WHOLE lot more, as it will be a way for me to share my day to day life with my family, and also to make more *virtual* friends, something I will need while trying to make real life friends in a new home. We'll see what happens,,,

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  1. I understand your view...but believe me, moving is a nice opportunity. We are a military family that moves about every 3 years (a total of 10 moves so far)....I do miss being close to family, but it is awesome seeing other parts of the country and cultures....plus it gives my family a chance to see them too when they come visit. Plus great friendships await!!