Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Preperations

   Hello my friends, I know, I know, I am a terrible blogger! I have been absent so much these last few months, but I HAVE been reading your blogs:) We are busy here, just like everyone else at this time of year. Today I have a couple of little Christmas pudding that I made in teacups, steaming away in my crock pot. I am working on a couple of gifts, knitting a pair of slippers for my younger sister, and a couple of rice "socks" for my father who has a lot of aches and pains that need soothing.
     Our kitties enjoyed helping us decorate our tree, as usual :) They are good girls as far as kitties go though, they have never broken an ornament, or tried climbing the tree. They do, however, have a taste for the tree "tea" that can be found in the tree stand, hehehe.
     This Christmas I have decided to make a gingerbread castle,,,, I have only ever made a gingerbread house once before, and it is a LOT of work, but oh so much fun. I was a little over ambitious though, and made the four sides a little large, and have nothing suitable for a base! Lucky my Poot is coming to the rescue, and bringing home some cardboard from work tonight. Hopefully construction will officially begin tomorrow! I'll try and post pictures when it is done, we plan on eating it Christmas day.
     We have managed to budget a little spending money for gifts this year, and both have gotten the other our main "want" plus a few little extra gifts. We actually ended up with a little extra money, and instead of getting more extra gifts we decided to get something we have wanted for over a year,

     a little electric woodstove. Now our fireplace is actually a fireplace, and it makes the living room so much more cozy. I absolutely LOVE it! We also got a lovely soft set of flannel sheets, which will be used for the first time on Christmas Eve,,,, ahhh, talk about pampered! 

     Well, I had better get back to work, I hope you have a lovely, relaxing Christmas!

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