Monday, September 19, 2011

Another busy monday

    My feet are a little achy, but I got so much don't today! I cleaned up the bedroom, washed and put away two loads of laundry, swapped the summer clothes for the fall/winter clothes, changed the sheets and made the bed, vacuumed the bedroom and living room carpets, cleaned the bathroom, did dishes, and now I am relaxing while the four loaves of whole wheat bread are baking in the oven! Tomorrow, all I have to do is sweep the kitchen floor and mop, then I will have the rest of the day to do as I please. I have a few crafty projects that need working on, and its so much nicer to work on them in a clean home!
     My hubby will be late getting back tonight. He is taking a hunters safety course at a local school so that this year he can get his license and bring home the venison! I'm really glad he is getting into this, I was raised in a hunting family, and though I don't hunt myself I LOVE wild game of all sorts. We hunt for food, not trophy's, so if your only experience of hunting is something you might have seen on TV, then you are probably misinformed as to the REAL reason a lot of people partake of this traditional sport. There is nothing in the world that can bring you quite as close to you food as providing it yourself!
     Anyway, I am sitting down now, crocheting granny squares and watching some Midsomer Murders:) I love me my british mysteries!!! I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful start to our week!
     ~God Bless

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