Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Food

     I love the blessing of free food! We are very fortunate, in that barely a month goes by without some free food coming our way in one form or another. Now we are not in anyway in need. We have all the food we want, and are very blessed in that way. I just appreciate a gift when I get it!
     Today's free offering came in the form of potatoes. My hubby works for a food wholesale company, and delivers all manner of foods to businesses and restaurants in the state. Often, though, as is the case in our society, less than perfect food is tossed out. After all, what customer would buy a bruised apple, a loose banana, or a dinged potato? But, as that wise old saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure, and being the daughter of a "Trash" man, I know this for a fact! 
     Twice hubby has brought home boxes of bananas, that I promptly turned into brad and muffins and froze, to be eaten at our leisure, for quick breakfasts and snacks. Just the other day he brought home 5lbs of pickled polish sausages. Now, I hear you saying, what on earth are they going to do with FIVE pounds of pickled sausages???? Well, I don't know,,,,, but even if we only eat a few and toss the rest, hey, those few snacks were free! We also get a lot of venison from family, especially around this time of year, when they try and use up whats left in the deep freeze to make room "hopefully" for the fresh shot game of the season. Its all good, we will take whats offered and be glad:)
     So, about 3lbs of potatoes, each with a gash that was easily cut off, are in a pot, ready to be boiled and mashed to go along with the roast chicken that's in the oven. (The smell of which has had me almost drooling on my shirt for the past hour and a half!) I am getting pretty hungry now, and I had better go and check the chicken. Do you get (or go look for) "free" food? How are your feelings on visual imperfections of food? I love to know what you think!

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