Monday, September 5, 2011

If I have a black eye,,,,,

     ,,,its due to being so mad at myself that I slapped me silly! I LOST CAMERA!!!! My hubby was a lovely hubby, and took me to the Windsor fair for a treat. We had a wonderful time, gorging on deliciously fried junk food and fresh squeezed lemon aid, petting and cooing over the wonderful farm animals, and of course spending FAR to much money on a darts game so my hubby could win me a black stuffed Dotson. It was all peachy until we had left the fair grounds and were getting in the car and I did the usual pocket pat down to remove my phone,,,,,,,and there was NO CAMERA! We hurried back in to the grounds and had a look where we were sitting, no luck. I left my number with a nice elderly fair "police" officer, but no one has called.
     So, I am sad. We have to get a "new" car first, then I will be able to get another camera. I may not be able to blog too much until then, as I don't want to be boring trying to describe what I am doing without showing you. We'll see. Maybe I will actually just start "musing", as that doesn't involve any illustrations:)
     So, no you know,,,, if I don't post to much for the next few weeks. God bless!


  1. Hey friend, I see you arent blogging too much these days, either. Im SO sorry to hear about yuor camera, I understand how frustrating that must be. I did something even worse about two years ago- I got sand all jammed up in my lovely kodak and ruined the camera my hubs worked so hard to provide for me! And wht did he do? Bought me another one later that year that I didnt deserve! God bless these ahrd working husbands.

    now, never fear- we still want to hear from you out here in blogland! I like your blogs even with out the photos! Also, there are lots and lots of legitimate sources for free photos on the website you can use. If yuo are interested in some links leave me a message at the blog or on facebook and Ill send you some links to great sites where you can get good pictures and illustrations to use for free until you are a happy camera owner again.

    But dont stop blogging, I like hearing from you!!

  2. I agree. Don't stop blogging. You can always even use Google images to illustrate what you're posting about until you get a new camera.

    Glad to hear that you had fun at the fair. :))


  3. Thanks a lot ladies, It is so nice to know people enjoy reading my about my days:) I will keep posting, I remembered a few pictures I had taken, but never got around to writing about, so I will catch up on those. I would LOVE links to free or vintage images, I could find a use for those I'm sure!