Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The hunt for Weeping Angels!

     It was a beautiful October day yesterday, and I was wondering how to spend it, since I was not busy watching the baby boy I take care of during the week. My good friend Katy came up with a GREAT idea! Lets go Weeping Angel Hunting! We are both HUGE Dr Who fans, though Katy takes it to a whole new level!

Photo By Katy Corbett, the State House
     We went to four different Graveyards in four different towns. Here in Maine we have some of the oldest graveyards in the country, most of the graves were over 100 years old! In the 1st Graveyard we didn't find any angels, but we found a Pensive Lady!
Photo By Katy Corbett
     She was quite impressive. It i surprising how hard it is to fine sculptures of anything other than urns, so we were happy to see her!
Photo By Katy Corbett
      DONT BLINK!!!
     But, sadly, no wings! So we had to keep looking. We went to another, smaller graveyard, no angels, so we picked up Katy's son from Preschool and took him along to another one. He had a LOT of fun, it was like going to a large park with a bunch of stones:)
Photo By Katy Corbett
     And its fun to kick leaves,,,,
Photo By Katy Corbett
     Still no angels!!! We did find a creepy cool huge fountain covered in,,, Goats??? Weird!!
     So, we headed to the last, biggest and COOLEST graveyard, it was built on a hill in the Capitol. Once you got to the top, you could see for miles!
Photo By Katy Corbett
    Getting to the top of the hill mountain was no small feat! Above is a lovely photo of me panting like a great big panty thing!

 Katy and Darien made it to the top first, but then, they are more in shape,,,,, and being four helps, why walk when you can run, right!?!?!
    Finally, after a whole afternoon of searching,,, we found one!
Photo By Katy Corbett

    She was a beauty! Not exactly "weeping" but at least she had wings! (well, one wing, her other wing was broken, poor thing! )
Photo By Katy Corbett
    She was small, but she was lovely!
Photo By Katy Corbett
    Goodbye sweet little angel, we were SOOOO glad to have found you! What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! We are probably going to go hunting again some time, as this was so much fun!

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