Monday, October 15, 2012

We have moved!

     We have moved back to my home town in Winthrop Maine! I have missed this town! It is a walkable comunity, which is a wonderful thing for me, because I do not drive. I can now get out every day, and stretch my legs, and walk to my favorite place, "the point" (shown above) a little park by the lake. I go almost every day! I can go to the library, which means almost any book I want to read is right at my fingertips, for free! And I can skip across the street to the best little cafe', called The Flaky Tart, and have my favorite, a hot cup of spiced chai!
     It has been a hectic move, and the apartment we are now in was not in as good shape as the one we left, so we have been working on fixing it up and making it our own, which has involved putting down new flooring and painting walls, two things we have never done before, but have found enjoyable! NO MORE WHITE WALLS!!! I will post pictures soon, and hope to get back to some somewhat regular blogging, once I start crafting again. I also would like to get a new camera, as I never did replace the one I lost last year, and blogging is so much more fun when I can show you what I am up to!
     I hope you had had a lovely summer, and I am so excited its fall again! Time to start crafting and planning for Christmas, and time to cuddle up in the evenings by our fire with tea and homemade blankets! Talk to you again soon!
                                                                        Mrs Evans

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