Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Stuff!

     I am sooooo excited that we are getting things done and ready to start the process of adoption/fostering. Its almost like we are expecting in a way:) I have dreamed of being a mummy for so long, its soooo scary to be getting this close! I have been making big plans. I have also been making lists. Have I mentioned I am a bit of a fanatic list maker? No? Well, I am. That doesn't make me a bad person, just an annoying one.
    So along with my to-do list to get done by June, I have also been compiling a list of things we will need for the baby/small child. We have started to collect a small amount of clothing. I don't want to get too much, as we don't know what age or sex the baby will be, but I just can't help getting lost in baby departments! For years I have been peeking with torturous want at all the sweet jammies and dresses and onesies, and now, FINALLY I have an excuse to buy them, and NOT for giving to someone else, but to keep! You have no idea how great that is!!!
     So here is a peek at the small hope hat box I have been stashing the goodies in:)
     I was very pleased to find glass baby bottles at the local walmart. I was sure they had probably stopped making such thing, I guess the "poison" plastic thing has scared back a demand for them which is great, I have always preferred them to plastic. I am knitting a pair of booties, they are pink, I hope to do up a few pairs in assorted colors and add them to the stash. I am also going to make a crib quilt out of vintage baby fabric. Here is what I have,

     They have such sweet little critters on them, and I love all things vintage. I have already made up a valance for the nursery window, it is made with some of the fabric you see on the top of the stack above. There is both pink and blue in it. If we do get a girl though, she is going to be utterly smothered in pink!
    So that's about it for now, I will probably be done the booties tonight, so I will try and get a picture up tomorrow. Sleep well blog world!

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