Friday, January 28, 2011

Well, I got some things finished anyway!

     This week I signed on to do 5 or 6 things too keep the spirit of homemaking in my heart (thanks to Hearts For Home) I got the Hubby's laundry all done for the week, though unfortunately I didn't get to washing too much else. And instead of working on my To-Finish knitting basket, I stated a new project. YES, I know! Haha, but I got a request,,, and how can I say no when someone REQUESTS something made by me:) One of our close friends, and fellow sister in Christ at our church has requested a warm pair of mittens to wear when she goes hiking. Her circulation is not so good, and gloves just don't do the trick. Here in Maine it has been barely in the teens (F) recently, BRRRR. So, I am knitting her up a pair of double strand mittens in two shades of green, her favorite color. I LOVE to give things I have made. I just love taking practically nothing, and making it into a THING, like string into mittens, and flour into cookies. That is truly one of the greatest joys in my life, giving of myself:)
      Another thing I have worked on (and FINALLY finished!) this week is the table with a shelf under it that has its home in my kitchen. We bought it at a junk shop. It was buried under trunks of old moth eaten linen and dust, we offered $10 and it was ours. It was beat up, and stained in a very dark color, with two unfinished panel's on top. I am assuming it once had glass panels, but they have long since been lost.  I had my Hubby spray paint it in a bright blue,
     I then found a coordinating fabric, it is a burlap type cloth with pretty tea roses and tiny blue flowers in the same shade as the paint, though I don't think you can see that in the pictures.

     I finished sewing the curtain for it this afternoon, and am VERY pleased with the results! I was aiming for French Country Cottage/ Shabby chic. I think it fits! You can see in the background the shelves where I keep my cookbooks and tea things. I figured while I the Hubs spray painting anyway, I might as well have him do that shelf for me, to match:) We also ended up doing the table legs in the same shade of blue, and the  the mismatched dining chairs in different shades of pastel. I don't have a picture of them right now, but someday I'll show you.
     So, the curtain makes my kitchen tidier, and I am feeling really good for doing so much with my hands this week! I can't wait till next week, I wonder what else I will get accomplished:)

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  1. Your cabinet is so cute. You've accommplished so much this week. Have a blessed weekend. ~Alana~