Sunday, January 30, 2011

Restful weekend

     We have had a very quiet weekend. No plans, not even any shopping. Yesterday we stayed home all day, in our PJ's and did nice relaxing things. My Hubby played a game on his PS3 and I knitted while watching some movies. I managed to get the pair of mittens done for Mrs Cromwell, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of them before giving them away. Oh well.
      This morning we woke up to a frosty world and some lightly falling snow. We went to church, and listened to yet another wonderful sermon, we are so blessed to have been led to the church family we did by God. He is such a great God, and knows us better than we know ourselves. Its soooo awe inspiring, isn't it?
     Our Niece spent last night with us, and we got to bring her to church with us, which was nice as we have not been able to bring her for a while. She is now 13, and has a newly busy social life, but its nice that she still asks to come to church with us. I how she continues too, it is a nice loving break in such a scary world as this. We took her home, out in the middle on the "boonies" as we call the town she lives in. Maine is mostly boonies after all! We enjoyed the beauty of the ride though, it looked a lot like this,
     Now the Hubby and I are snuggled in at home once more. I think I'll go put the kettle on and make us some tea, and maybe start a new pair of mittens. God bless all who read this, and I hope you have a wonderful evening,,,, Good Night:)

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