Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hearts for Home - 22nd March ♥

I join Gea @ her blog,

In today’s busy and aggressive society mothers at home are not given much encouragement to be committed to their role in being home.

In my weekly 'Hearts for Home' post I am encouraging myself and others to commit to thinking about what 4-6 things we can do each week to bring our thoughts, prayers and actions to keeping our 'Hearts for Home'.

I am praying that a spirit of gentleness, generosity in thoughts and time along with loveliness and grace would lead us to be all that God wants us to be.

I pray also that each person involved in 'Hearts for Home' would also pray for any others involved as well.

May you be blessed by this initiative. I pray it brings you and your family many blessings.

So each week list 4-6 things you will commit to that will keep your "Hearts for Home'.

Please leave a you name and a link to your blog (if you don't have one just leave your list in the comment box) and perhaps a comment so we can all see and encourage each other.

If you would like, add the 'Hearts for Home' logo to your side bar as a reminder of your goals.

God Bless you this week.

    1. This week, I will be working on re-organizing the spare room, I want to keep up the enthusiasm about adoption. I found a delightful nursery wall hanging at a Goodwill store while on vacation, as well as two utterly charming knit dollies, I hope to one day have a daughter to give those too. We really want to provide mostly homemade and handmade gifts to our child/children, and raise them the old fashioned way!
    2. I have been doing a good job thinning out unnecessary and unloved "stuff" from our home, and working hard to decorate it in my own unique way. I hope to put up a post this week to show some of the things I have collected over the years, to make our house a home. I want to continue working on this, and love the way things are looking and feeling around here so far:)
    3. I want to work on the quilt I started last year. I have made some mistakes on it, so that means I am going to have to undo the hand quilting I have already done "ugh!" and fix it. It will be worth it though, to have the centerpiece of our bedroom made with my own hands:)
    4. My wonderful Poot bought me something I have been ogling for simple AGES this past weekend, a Williams and Sonoma mini Tea Cakes pan! I want to bake up a trial batch and see how they come out, I can't wait to throw a tea party this spring!
    5. We have been having some allergy issues this winter, mine have been the worst, and I think it has to do with the fact that this apartment is mostly carpeted. Moving is out of the question, as THIS is the year we really want to start the process of adoption, so we are going to have to come up with other solutions. I think a higher quality vacuum cleaner is in order, and a thorough shampooing of the bedrooms and living room as well. I hope that will do the trick, as the almost daily sinus headaches are very annoying!
    6. I think my "big" cleaning project of the week will be organizing and thinning out the coat closet. It is a tiny space and it is VERY full at the moment, so it need some attention!


  1. Hello Mrs. Evans...how wonderful that you and your beloved are thinking about adoption. It is a long process that could be frustrating at times, but if Our Lord has placed this in both your hearts, then He will provide everything needed.

    You are taking your time weeding through the 'unloved stuff'...good idea. I am beginning to do this again :) It is a never ending chore ;-)

    Blessings to your week,


  2. I pray the Lord blesses you and your husband on your adoption journey! How exciting.
    It sounds like a busy time at your house at the moment.
    I'm in the process of clearing out spare rooms too :-)
    It feels good to be getting through it, don't you agree?
    Have a wonderful week, Mrs Evans.
    God bless you..Trish

  3. Thank you M. and Trish, I do LOVE the feeling after I have thinned out a space. It always feels "lighter"! Thanks for your blessings and prayers, God bless you too:)

  4. Dear Mrs Evans,
    The idea of creating your own personal stamp on your home is a theme that warms my heart. It is an idea I believe in very strongly and have been writing about lately.
    I think your preparations for your future child is so thoughtfully made and you sound as if you really are enjoying the process.
    I pray your heart stays warm and encouraged throughout this process
    May God bless you through this
    God Bless