Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A pretty productive day, if I do say so myself!

     I had a pretty productive day today, which makes me happy. I feel like I have not been "creating" enough lately. I am in a valley, crafting wise, where I am not in the mood to sew, or knit, or stitch, or crochet,,,, sigh,,, nope, none of it. When I get like that, I end up boring myself to tears, at least until my next "inspiration" or ambition comes along. If I am honest, I really should be working on finishing up a half a dozen or so projects I have in limbo at the moment. Uggg, I think I may have to force myself, then, once I get going on it again I will have the desire to see it complete. Do any of you crafting ladies ever have that problem? I hope not!
     Anyway, I had to make some bread today, as we are out. (ahem, and have been for a week or two, I'm SO bad!) I decided to try something new,,,, or old in fact. My mothers recipe. She made it all the time when  my two sisters and I were growing up. In fact, we ate a lot more of it that store bought bread. We were kinda spoiled that way I guess, I have never been fond of store bread, so that must be why! Its Oatmeal Molasses bread, and my my my, I forgot how yummy it was! Its rich, and chewy, while not being dense. It has all the wonderful tummy soothing benefits of oatmeal, and a light sweetness from the molasses. I think we have a new favorite in our house!
     So, lets get baking!

Moms recipe, in her own hand writing?

OK, lets begin!

    Mom's Oatmeal Molasses Bread

2c boiling water, poured over 1c uncooked oats (I used quick, but rolled would be YUMMY!)
               stir, and let set 2 min, then add,
2T fat (the recipe calls for shortening, but I used oil, and it came out fab, so use what you got:)
1/3c molasses ( it called for 1/2 cup, but I thought that would be too sweet, my bread was just right)
1t salt
               stir all this well, then, when warm, but not HOT, add
1c flour
1 pkg yeast (or 2 heaping teaspoons)
               stir, then add more flour a cup at a time, when a dough form in the bowl, plunk it our onto a floured surface and knead about 10 min, working in up to 5c more of flour. I found I needed around 5 cups in all, not 6, but humidity can be a factor.
     Roll dough in a oiled bowl, to grease the top, then cover with clean tea towel and let rest for 1-2 hours, until doubled.
     Punch down, cut in half, and shape into loaves. Place in greased loaf plans and let rise about an hour, until doubled. (I lightly basted the tops of my loaves with oil and sprinkled them with oatmeal, for a decorative touch:)
  Place in cold oven, turn heat to 450' and bake 10 min, then turn heat to 350' and bake another 25-35 min, until golden brown and sounds hollow when bottom of loaf is thumped. Cool on wire racks, and enjoy!
   And tonight, I made one of Poots favorite dinners, Spaghetti Pie. It is pretty much poor mans lasagna! (Not to mention LAZY wives lasagna, it SO easy, and virtually fool proof, unlike lasagna, which I just can't seem to get right!) We had some salad to go with it, gotta have those veggies! We will have having the rest of the pie for dinner tomorrow night, probably with some green beans.

      So, we are now both full, Poots watching the Celtics, and I am pretty much done this blog, so it must be time to be getting ready for bed! I hope you have a blessed evening, Take care!


  1. Well Mrs. Evans, I have been in the same mood. But create we must, or we will be quite put out!

    Your recipes look delicious! I really like your apron :)

    Thank you for sharing,


  2. Yum your cooking looks divine. Might just have to try out that bread recipe.