Thursday, March 24, 2011

Waiting for Spring

     It has been a LONG winter!
It has snowed SO much throughout these last few months. I LOVE snow, but my goodness, one does get tired of WHITE! I also get tired of worrying about my Poot, when he has to drive in white out conditions, whipping winds pushing and pulling his box truck, and slush and ice making the roads slick and deadly. I pray, and pray, and call others to pray for him too. It has been a LONG winter.
     But I can whiff a scent in the air, a fresh, muddy, almost GREEN fragrance. It has come and gone over the past week, Spring is a fickle lover, flirting close, then running away, always playing hard to get, but sooner or later, she will settle in, and things will begging to GROW. I can't wait for the french lilac bush to be in full bloom, there is nothing like the perfume of lilacs! Except for the pretty white lily of the valley, who's little bells are silent, yet they ring in the dawn of summer. And grass! Cool, green, fresh cut and whispering GRASS, oh how I have missed it!
     Soon we will be picnicking by the river, with our pretty little gingham lined vintage basket. We'll eat ham and cheese sandwiches, potato salad full of fresh chives, and ripe juicy strawberries. We'll pread our blanket on the grass, and lay side by side and watch children chase the gulls, and read our books while the sun warms our backs.
     We'll go for long "adventures" in the car, maybe to the mountains, or maybe to the coast. We'll find new favorite places, and talk with complete strangers like they are dear friends. Maybe we'll get lost again, like that one time, on the way home from my Grandmother's. We ended up in a tiny town called Effingham (no, I didnt make that up, THATS its name:) where there was NOT ONE public restroom! Shortly after that we found a wonderful shop, a "Curiosity" shop, where I got my much loved spice rack, I wish we could find it again, but we have no idea where it was, so it will always be just a happy memory.
     For my birthday in June, I think I will plan a tea party, and invite all the ladies I know who would enjoy such a novelty. We will wear lace, and hats, and I will make all kinds of dainty treats, and maybe we will have it on my sister's lawn, inside of her gazebo. Oh, I can't wait!
     But, spring is not quite here yet, and there is a dinner to be made, and a bedroom floor needing a vacuuming, so, I should sign out for now,
                                                                          Happy Dreaming,
                                                                                     and God Bless:)


  1. Hope the weather warms up for you soon so you can get out and enjoy all the things you have mentioned. A picnic by the river sounds lovely, and a tea party with all the trimmings for your birthday would be fun!

    The weather here is turning colder now (Autumn), but we never get snow. I have never seen or touched it myself. It does snow in a couple of areas in Australia but I have not been lucky enough yet to go there.

    Happy Spring cleaning to you,


  2. I wouldn't know what I'd do without snow in the winter! It just wouldn't be Christmas without it:) Though, someday, we might move to the southern part of the US, as my husband has inherited a small house down there, so I guess I would have to get used to it! I hope you enjoy your Autumn, I LOVE the fall! Thanks for commenting,