Monday, March 21, 2011

Our stay-cation

     Hello friends! I hope you all have had a pleasant March so far. My hubby took his vacation last week. Originally we were hoping to get down to Texas, to visit with his father and family down there, but that unfortunately did not happen this year. The price of flying is a bit steep for our small budget, and also, who wants to get molested by airport staff, not us! So, maybe next year, when he can get two weeks of vacation instead of one we will be able to drive down. I LOVE road trips, and it would be fun to camp in a different state each night of our trip.
     We started the week out by just relaxing at home. Poot (the hubby) doesnt get to do that much. He really appreciate being able to sleep in, stay in his PJ's and just sit on his duff! We are homebodies anyway, so it was enjoyable. We went up to my mothers on Tuesday, she lives about an hour north of us, way up on a mountain. We are in the midst of early spring here in Maine, what we locals call mud season. Lets just say driving up her dirt (mud) road in our little car was a bit more of an adventure than I bargained on! Poot enjoyed it though, I prayed both on the way up AND down, and we (and our car) made it there and back in one piece, thank you Lord:)
     Then, this past weekend, we went on our annual Freeport trip with my older sister and her husband and two children. This is the third year in a row we have done this and its really something we look forward to every winter. Here in Maine, winters are LONG, and this winter especially so. It snowed pretty much once or twice a week from December on through. In fact, even now its snowing, a slushy dangerous late winter kind of snow. In other words, it is a bit dreary here during the winter, and cabin fever starts to get bad around February. Being of modest income and varied schedules it would be beyond us to take a trip to someplace warm and sunny, so we do the next best thing. We book a couple rooms in a nice (but affordable) hotel with indoor pool and hot tub in the coastal town of Freeport, Maine.
We relax, enjoy the complementary breakfast buffet,

     We swim in the heated pool, and soak in the hut tub,
We walk through the mall, eat lunch (sushi for me, japanese for my sister's family, and taco's and arby's for my Poot, oh and pizza, cause he's a little greedy!)

The carousel at the mall, I wanted to ride in the carriage, but Poot wouldn't go on with me, the pooper!

Poot and my brother in law, just finished eating.
 We go around and act like tourists and stop to take goofy pictures by the local landmarks,

Poot and the big Indian on route1

     We walked through downtown Freeport and went to two of my favorite shops, Crabtree and Evelyn, where Poot treated me to the rosewater body spray for which I been longing after for what seems like YEARS! He also got me a selection of floral soaps and rosewater bubble bath, Oh, I am in HEAVEN!

     We also went to the brittish imports shop and got ourselves some candy (YAY for Fry's Turkish Delight!) and Hob Nobs!
     All in all it was a VERY fun vacation. I finished a book, got some much needed exercise, and spent some wonderful quality time with family. What more could be asked for? Oh,,,and I found some "treasures" while thrifting, but that will be another post!

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