Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cozy Bedroom

     My quilt is done! I made up the pillow shams too.
I love the way it came out. There are quite a few mistakes in it, but I'm not fussy. This is only my second full sized quilt. I am very happy I finally got to make something for ME (well, for US) in MY favorite colors:)

     The whole set cost under $20. (the price of the fuzzy blanket I bought as a backing) All of the material I used for the quilt top was from my stash, most was given to me by people who knew I liked to sew.
     Some of the material came from old clothes and sheets that I "recycled". Quite a lot of it is vintage sack cloth  that I was given from my Dad. I LOVE the way it has turned out, and It goes with our new curtains (only $10 a window) very well! My Valentine Rose themed bedroom in coming together quite well, and I am pleased. My hubby said he loves it too. I am very happy he doesnt mind in the least if we have a mostly pink bed:)

1 comment:

  1. Oh it's lovely! I love the colors - so "dreamy!"

    Enjoy and sweet dreams!