Monday, April 11, 2011

Hearts for Home 4/11/11

     I am joining Gae once again in her Hearts for Home weekly list:) It really does help me keep my mind focused on extra little tasks that make the home more "Home-ier".

     1. I will try and finish up the last few touches on my quilt, then see if I can whip up a couple of pillow shams to match with the leftover squares. I am looking forward to searching for vintage hand sewn and trimmed white and pink pillow cases this summer, to make a truly old fassioned romantic place to lay our heads at night!
     2. We finally bought the matching nightstands that go with our bed (we have waited for about 4 years!) and I saved one of the large boxes that they came in. I am going to turn it into a little playhouse for my friends 3 year old for when he comes over with his mother to visit. I use to LOVE cardboard box houses when I was little, and sometimes in the winter my Dad would stop into the local appliance store to pick us up one to decorate as a little house in the basement:)
     3. I want to bake and freeze some sugar cookies, and use my new Easter cookie cutters, for the family Easter party and egg hunt later this month. I might also make up and freeze the 2 or 3 dozen rolls I want to bring. The less I have to do last minute the more I am able to enjoy the day. Not to mention, getting all stressed out is not good, I tend to be more apt to snap at my loving Poot, and I don't like it when I do that:(
     4. I am going to make Poot one of his favorite kinds of cake, just because. A chocolate cake with cool whip for icing. He is not a "frosting" man, and very much prefers cool whip, and he deserves a treat!
     So, with those things to keep me busy, I should have a pretty productive week! I look forward to the feeling I get, knowing I have done some nice work for my home:)
                                                                                   God Bless, and have a lovely week!


  1. Dear Mrs Evans,
    Finidhing a quilt seems to take ages for me, all the last minute details. i hope you find the fabric you are looking for too.
    Those sugar cookies s ound great we are plannig to have some cut out ones too for Easter.
    The whole cardboard box house is so imaginative and the small children just love it. We never have one big enough but I love it.
    have a productive week and enjoy that special cake
    God Bless

  2. Oh the cardboard box will be a big hit with the little one.
    Kids just go crazy in them :-)
    And how lovely that you're baking a choclate cake for hubby, "just because".
    Best reason in the world lol!
    I think your quilt is absolutely beautiful - and your cat is precious :-D
    Have a wonderful week of blessings..Trish