Thursday, April 14, 2011


     I finished putting the binding on the quilt last night. I did the last bit of late night sewing with some Dr Who season 2 while it was raining outside. It was quite cozy:) Today I want to start, and hopefully finish a couple of pillow shams to match. Then I can finally have the joy of making up the bed! It won't be finished yet though,,, oh no! I want to collect some hand embroidered white pillow cases, or embroider some myself. I am also going to look for some crocheted lace trimmed pillowcases at thrift shops and antique stores this summer. I am even going to keep an eye out for some hand embroidered hankies to make into throw pillows. Oh, and also some crocheted doilies too, I have a lovely pattern for beautiful lacy throw pillows using doilies:) I am SO excited! Do you ever get a "vision" of the way you want things to be, and then get a thrill of joy as they start coming together just right? I do so LOVE this! Keeping house, and decorating, and making a cozy nest, that brings so much joy into my life!
     I hope you have something that brings this much happiness to you. I hope, you, like me, get satisfaction from simple things, and working with your hands, and creating loveliness. So often in this world people just go out and buy things, and there is no time or care taken in anything anymore. I think that kind of life leaves so much behind. Our grand and great grandmothers knew the joy and pride in workmanship and artistry that we can only dream of for the most part today. I cannot create some of the things that they used to, though I can do my best to learn as much as I can without a teacher. What I can do though is look for and preserve some little "treasures" of thier work. I might not know the lady who made the item, but I know the feeling that drove her to devote hours into creating something beautiful, and that makes us sisters:)
       So create away, in what ever pallet works best for you. Be it baking, or sewing, or gardening, take comfort that every time you do something the "hard" way the people that came before us are smiling down, knowing that the skills they had are not being lost to "convienence" but remembered with love:)

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