Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Sun Is Out!

     Isn't it amazing how how much more cheerful one feels when the sun is shining?  It has been quite gloomy for day, and when I woke up to sunshine I instantly felt more ambitious! I am going to get the chores done and then maybe work on my quilt. I think I am going to just use the nice new fuzzy blanket as a backing, and forgo adding a third layer of cotton sheet. The fuzzy felt will be very cuddly against the skin when next winter rolls around.
     Spring is still flirting with winter here, but today it is quite nice out. I'd love to go for a walk, I just wish we lived on a less busy road. The speed that people drive on this road makes me nervous, I lost two cousins by them getting hit by cars, so I have a little bit of a complex when it comes to walking near moving vehicles!
     Tonight, as a treat, I am going to be making bangers and mas. While visiting Freeports wonderful brittish imports shop I found that they had a fully stocked freezer of brittish goods. I can't wait! Last night I made some cookie bars by using a chocolate chip cookie recipe and substituting the regular dark chocolate bits with some white chocolate, toffee, and chopped walnuts. They are DEVINE! I wish I could have you all over for a cup of tea and a cookie.:)
       Have a wonderful afternoon, and may God bless you and your housholds with sunshine and peace!

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