Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goodwill treasures

     I just love Goodwill stores. I love looking through the old dishes. pictures, knick-knacks, and odds and ends. I once in a great while find clothes that both fit me, and are my style,,,, but not very often. Good thing I like treasure hunting though! Thrift stores are ripe pickins' if you like to decorate with vintage flair like I do. In fact most of our apartment is decorated with stuff from them, with occasional finds from antique stores.
     I am pretty *durn* excited about this weeks finds! Without further ado, I'll show them to you:)

     A vintage lamp that not only has roses on it (have I mentioned that roses are my *thing*?)!!!!,,, but is also the same kind my grandmother had in her bedroom and dining room. I just LOVE it!

     I found a bunch of patterns for $.99ea, Some I'll have to size up to fit me, but hey, its worth the extra work, I have been wanting to learn how to make pleated skirts for a while now, this vintage pattern will be put to good use very soon. I see some tweedy, woolly, winter skirts being made this coming fall,,,

     And this little guy, who actually came from an antique shop, not a thrift store, but I have been waiting for a "treasure" post to put him in. Isn't he sweet? He says "made in Japan" on the back and has string connecting his arms and legs. I have no idea how old he is, but I am guessing at least 50. I'll have to knit him a tiny blanket, and maybe make him a little nappy, he's just too naked:)
     Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my latest finds, and can't wait to go treasure hunting again soon! Happy hunting my friends!


  1. Well you *know* that I am saying amen to your praise for Good Will! :) I just adore that lamp you found, how awesome! And I totally envy you that you can sew.. i so want to learn someday.

  2. You should look up some how-to videos on youtube, I think the internet almost makes up for not having women around who can teach us these crafty things,,,,, almost. I am self taught in most of my crafts, so if a dunce like me can figure it out, I know you can!