Thursday, August 11, 2011

New clothes CAN cheer you up!

     I am having BAAAAD PMS this month. Its not bad every month, more like every three, this happens to be a bad one. I guess on one side its good Poot is working crazy hours, cause he's not here for me to snap at,,,, but then I am all alone for hours and hours and hours, and that can get me a bit lonely. So as I find myself watching youtube vids that arent remotly sad, and crying my eyes out, and I dont have a stitch of candy in the house, whats a girl gonna do?
     Just in time, the mail man comes to the rescue!!!!
     Last week my darling Poot let me do some online shopping, and I found a LOT of great deals on my two favorite sites. I got my package today from woman within! I know it shouldnt make me so happy, retail therapy is a shallow pastime after all, but I will be truthful, nothing cheers me up quicker (except maybe a hug from my Poot:) than getting some new clothes. It doesnt happen often, I am picky when it comes to clothes. They have to be girly, and the more flowers/lace/ruffles/pink the better! Part of the joy, I think, comes from growing up quite poor. The only time we got new clothes was in august, for school. It was such fun! Like a fresh start every year. Now its such a novelty, to be able to shop a sale, and get clothes any time of the year, within reason of course:) My Poot takes such good care of me!
     So here are the things I was soo happy to see this afternoon,
new dress, only $12!
another dress, I think this one was only $15
and this luggage set, a "free" gift for only $3.99!!!
     I got some great deals! I can't wait to get the things I ordered from the other site, they are SUPER girly, and couldn't be more "me" if they had my name embroidered on the front!
     Now I'm off to make me something sweet, I am also trying out making yogurt in the crockpot today, if it works out I'll be doing a post on it. Have a nice night:)

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  1. great finds, they all look lovely. I envy your ability to buy clothes online... my body type is so bizarre haha (short and chubby) that I have to try things on, and then still have a hard time finding anything that fits. Granted, you can sew, right? So I gues you could just fix it if there was a problem! Awesome... and hope the pms goes away quickly :)