Monday, August 1, 2011

Well, its a new week

     Back to the plain old ordinary world here in the Evans castle. We had a Wonderful weekend, relaxing in a huge jacuzzi tub, swimming in the pool, eating out at new and Amazing restaurants, and then sleeping in a lush bed with regal bedding! Ohhhhh, to be spoiled like a king and queen was such a treat! And the breakfast,,,,, oh my,,,,,, the bacon couldn't have been tastier if it had been dipped in chocolate!
      Now its back to life as usual. I cleaned everything before we left, but for some reason it all needs to be done again today,,,,,, housework, its just one of those things! So I'm stripping sheets and vacuuming up the fuzzy carpets (pretty sure the kitties threw a party while we were gone) and cleaning the powder room. Dinner tonight will be something with broccoli, as there is some in the fridge that needs using up. One thing I am looking forward to is getting back to work on my afghan this evening, I have missed my yarn!

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