Sunday, August 7, 2011

Healthy food and Politics,

     Why is it we keep hearing stories (if you pay attention to such things) about stores and co-ops that sell healthy food being raided, sometimes even by armed police? I'm sorry, I may have been asleep at the wheel here, but when did natural, fresh, organic, and raw become illegal? Who has a problem with us eating food the way God himself wanted us to eat it, un-fiddled with? When did Amish dairy men become criminals and fresh from the cow milk become an illegal substance???
     These are all questions I have been pondering on my path towards eating more real foods. For the longest time I pondered it on the sidelines. My husband and I have a dream of homesteading someday, of raising our own food. But at this point it is still a dream. It was only recently, after watching yet another documentary on food, that we came to realize we can't wait until we "someday" to start eating better. After all, just looking at the collective health of western "civilization" is enough to convince any logical person that there is something very wrong here. Even children are falling sick to illnesses that in a more natural lifestyle would rarely effect adults. I think its worth at least a little consideration. After all, God designed our bodies to eat a certain way, who are we to say that we can come up with something better?
     So, if you, like me, are interested in the politics of REAL food, here is a video for you to watch and ponder,
    This is in Cali, I wonder when they will start picking on the local farm stands here?
     Here is today's haul. We now shop at three different farm stands, all within a short distance from where we live. I am super excited to have found a place to buy RAW milk. If you have been brought up thinking that raw milk is akin to poison, I suggest you visit here, and then do some research on your own. There is absolutely nothing to fear when it comes to milk from healthy, naturally raised cow. In fact, the milk is more nutritious than anything they sell in a regular grocery store. This milk is from Guernsey cows that live very near here. I can't wait to try out the Angus beef and milk fed pork products soon! I love that the stand where we bought the milk and lettuce from had an "honor" pay system, which was a basket by the door:) I have a feeling that kind of thing wont last too much longer in this world, but it warms my heart when I still see it once in a while.
     Anyway, I had better get off here, have to go make a grilled summer squash salad with cherry tomato's and purple sweet pepper:) God bless you friend!

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  1. Well I agree with all of your sentiments, friend, but I just cant bring myself to watch the video. I know it might sound odd, but Ive actually had to cut myself off from any more reading dealing with food politics or animal welfare issues (another biggie for me tied into this issue) because I just get so upset that it sort of consumes me. At some point, once I was all educated up (which I am and then some!) I just had to say I know Im making the best choices I can and I have to leave it at that. Otherwise it just keeps me up at night. Sigh. but good for you for getting educated and doing something about it... so few do!