Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend BBQ with family.

     I guess that this weekend was THE social weekend of the summer, as we had about 6 different invitations to bbq's/birthdays/ocean trips/bonfire,,, But when I found out my grandparents were going to be coming up for a surprise visit to my sisters, I dropped everything else and went. You have to put family first. A big lesson everyone has to learn is that you should never take for granted loved ones, young or old, because you never know when your last visit them will  become the last memory of them.
     So here are the pictures that I captured of the day,
Meet my beautiful Grammy:)
My handsome Grampa!

My little sister, kissing her grammy:) ~Shutterbug Photography~

After the parents and grandparents left for home, us sisters and our hubbies went out for some Excellent ice cream! this is my older sis and my hubby, yum yum! ~Shutterbug Photography~

The best waffle cones EVAH!!!
 It was a great day with great family! I am one lucky ducky, thats for sure.

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